Do not leave guns in vehicles at night

The 2nd Amendment of the U.S. Constitution is alive and well in the United States today, more than two centuries after the nation’s forefathers made it the law of the land. Americans have the right to bear arms and to protect themselves.

Let’s just be careful, though, who we, as citizens, are providing arms to in Brunswick and the Golden Isles. Too often they end up in the wrong hands. They end up in the hands of people who wish to use them to do harm to others and to commit criminal acts. Stolen guns are used in crimes most every day in this community.

There is nothing average citizens can do to guarantee this doesn’t happen. They can, however, take steps to reduce the risk of providing the wrong person a rifle or handgun.

A good place to start is at home. Lock guns safely away, and above all else, do not leave them in unattended vehicles. Residents would be surprised how many guns, especially handguns, get stolen across the Golden Isles this way.

Just recently, a raid on a Blythe Island residence led police to the discovery of the theft of three guns.

Glynn County police who found the stolen weapons reported the three handguns were taken out of vehicles parked on St. Simons Island in recent weeks.

Police did not say whether the vehicles the weapons were snatched from were locked or not. To seasoned thieves, however, it really doesn’t matter. Locked doors, although a wise added security measure by car owners, do not instantly transform vehicles into the impenetrable Fort Knox.

The safest way to protect ownership of rifles and handguns is to take them inside, especially at night, when car burglars can use the cover of darkness and lowered state of neighborhood alertness to advance their motives.

Follow this advice, and who knows, you just might save yourself, a co-worker, friend or loved one from becoming a victim of an armed robbery or worse.

The Brunswick News (Brunswick, Ga.)

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